Happy Birthday – 1 year old

Today my blog is 1 year old. I have covered:-

  • 215 Posts
  • 270 Albums
  • 164 Artists
  • So for today I wanted something epic and a classic; unfortunately I have already done the big epic albums. I settled on “Coming Up” by Suede.

    This album was a bit of a change from the first Suede albums having a more mass market appeal; it resulted in quite good worldwide sales. Also it was significant because it was the first album after Bernard Butler left. Apparently the replacement guitarist, Richard Oakes, was chosen after he sent a demo of him playing guitar. Sort of the thing you only hear about in films.

    I prefer this album to their earlier work and find it more appealing. I think it has quite a “light” feeling to the music with a few easy to “sing-along” tracks, e.g. “Lazy”. My favorite track on this album, and one of my favorite tracks ever is, “Beautiful Ones”. I love the jingly guitar intro and the strong beat throughout.

    It’s a Mystery

    Bit of a busy day today so just time for a short post tonight. I went for an MP3 off the memory stick in the car “Twelve Stops and Home” by The Feeling.

    No idea where this album came from or any particular reason why we bought it. It’s not really our style of music at home; it is very American pop from the seventies. A bit like The Eagles or Supertramp. What is a real mystery is where the CD has gone because it’s just disappeared. Luckily the CD had already been ripped.

    It generated loads of singles from the album and many of the tracks sounded familiar. My favourite track is “Rosé” because the lyrics are quite comical about drinking Rose wine. Apparently they were drunk when it was written. This track is also the basis for one of the funniest parody songs done by the Chris Moyles Radio 1 show about Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho which contains the classic line.

    I’d marry myself if I was gay

    Radio BBC 6 Music

    Today choice is inspired by BBC 6 Music because they played a track from “Homosapien” by Pete Shelley; ex Buzzcocks front man.

    I have always liked the album cover on this one. I don’t know whether it is meant to be deliberately over the top looking like a scene from a science fiction movie about a clean utopia style world of high tech computers or is genuine. I find it one of the funniest album covers I own; what is going on with the pyramid in the middle of the table?

    Back to the music. This is a big contrast from The Buzzcocks being heavily electronic and produced by Martin Rushent who went on to produce “Dare” by The Human League next. So you can see where some of the ideas for the very successful and ground breaking (?) Dare came from. It is very 80s where the synthesizer sounds are sharp and hard; not the complex and blended sounds that can be produced today. Also only the two of them are cited as musicians on the album; they did everything. I guess when you buy into the whole electronic music approach you don’t need many people.

    Favourite track probably is the “Homosapien” although I like “I Generate a Feeling” because the vocals sound so strange. It sounds like he is singing whilst sat on top of a washing machine. Nevertheless I did enjoy hearing this album again.

    This was the first album I owned that was probably obscure although many people had heard of The Buzzcocks. I remember feeling for the first time the buzz when you know an artist that is good but hardly anyone else knows about. When you do meet someone who also knows them it is like meeting someone from a special secret club; but no funny handshakes or anything like that.

    What is amazing in that the single “Homosapien” was banned by the BBC on it’s original release because of the “explicit reference to gay sex”. Pretty rubbish really considering the explicit stuff that is churned out by pop machines these days.

    Facebook Inspired

    My wife received a chain letter post on Facebook; you know the type “re-post this and we will achieve world peace”. Normally these get binned but this one was interesting; the objective is to post good music videos. The idea is you post a music video on Facebook and anyone who Likes the post has to post another video. As the original poster you give all those who liked the video a letter at random and put this in a comment. They have to post a video of an artist whose name started with that letter; then the whole process starts over again.

    So to cut a long story short my wife got allocated ‘E’ and she choose “Echo and the Bunnymen” which inspired me listen to one of their compilation albums “Ballyhoo“. I like this compilation as it’s packed full of good tracks including the great cover of The Doors song “People are Strange” through to their cutting early material like “Do It Clean”. Difficult to say what my favorite track as they are all good but if pushed I would pick “Lips like Sugar”.

    I remember as a teenager going round a friend’s house whose brother was obsessed with the band. He dressed like them and his band sounded just like them. It was around the time “The Tube” was broadcasting on Channel 4; Echo and the Bunnymen were favorites on the show.

    By the way my wife choose the “Seven Seas” video for her Facebook post.

    I was there (well nearly)

    Yesterday there seemed to be very few people in my office so I was sat on my own for a quite a while. During this time I decided to go back to being a geek and listen to some music on headphones whilst sat at my desk. I haven’t done that for ages; back when I was a code developer. The developers I work with now still do it. I was limited in my choice as I only had the internet so jumped on Spotify and chose “Unknown Pleasures” by Joy Division.

    After the first few bars of the opening track I remembered what a fantastic album this is. The music feels so atmospheric and haunting in places.

    What is amazing about this album is that it was recorded at Strawberry Studios in Stockport. This studio was about 1 mile from my house when it was recorded; amazing to think that I could have walked round the corner and seen Joy Division walking in. Of course I won’t have known who they were at that age.

    A bit disappointing

    I was up early this morning because I had to refill a bean bag that we had washed overnight. I needed to do it early because the little polystyrene balls were getting everywhere so they needed putting back ASAP. So when at home with a free choice of music I have recently been jumping on Spotify to relive some old vinyl that is stuck in the cupboard under the stairs. Today’s choice was “Signals” by Rush.

    I had been overjoyed a few months ago when I returned to listening to Moving Pictures by Rush. Signals in my mind was my favourite Rush album but today it just wasn’t a patch on what I remembered. Don’t really know why it had such a different feeling all these years later. Clearly my music taste has changed quite a lot.

    What stuck me about this album was how artificial it sounded with the excessive electronic keyboards. As you may know I love eighties electro music but this cross with guitar heavy Rush just didn’t sound as good.

    Don’t get me wrong I still liked listening to it again remembering my favourite tracks “The Weapon” and “Sub-Divisions”. But probably it will be a while before the next time it’s played. Nevertheless it’s great to go back and re-visit albums from my past.

    A quick grab and go

    It was one of rush to get out the door today so my music choice was a random grab of a CD. The grab was something from way back in the past “Twisted” by Del Amitri.

    I really loved this album when it first came out and today most of the tracks were instantly familiar. Felt like I’d only listened to this recently actually but it’s probably 10 years. No idea what triggered me to buy this album.

    The music is pretty easy going; nothing too heavy or offensive. Quite a Friday album in a way that just flows over you and helps the drive pass by.