Down by the Park

I had the day off yesterday as we had a family weekend at a big theme park taking in lots of manic fast rides. I’m not really into these big rides but was amazed at how fearless my kids were. The drive back was long so today was a bit of a struggle to get out of the door and drive to work. I needed something to help me into the day so I choose “A Different Kind of Fix” by Bombay Bicycle Club.

This album is a good mix of the more rocky first album and the more mellow acoustic second album. Certainly was a good choice and matched my mode pretty well. They have never had any significant success with single release; the single Shuffle from this album should have done better but clearly people just buy their albums and not singles.

Spring has finally arrived because tonight out running I could go run through the park next to the river. For the journey I had “Language. Sex. Violence. Other?” by Stereophonics. I always forget how much I enjoy listening to Stereophonics. Kelly Jones has got the perfect voice for singing rock; just a little rough and throaty. This album contains Dakota which I think was Stereophonics biggest hit single.

I love running through the park in the evening; as long as it’s not dark of course. Tonight the sun was setting on the horizon as I was entering but it takes a little while after sunset before it gets dark. It’s such a microcosm of British life. There wasn’t much going on there tonight compared to an evening in the height of summer. Some people walking dogs and some kids hanging out on the BMX stunt park just like kids do. When it hits the height of summer there is usually an amateur cricket match being played, fisherman next to the river and people play pitch and putt golf.

One disadvantage of this route being near the river means swarms of gnats. Tonight I managed to gulp down the mandatory mouthful that I didn’t see in the low sunlight until the last-minute. This then induced a bout of coughing and spluttering probably making me look like I was about to collapse. However the upshot of these interesting surroundings was that I managed a really fast time. Not really sure how that happened because I’d decided to take it nice and steady.

Overall very pleasing, it seems that it there are lots of thing to look at I go a good time. So if I take it one step further I could win an Olympic medal as long as the ran was in the more exciting street in the world…..or maybe not.


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